Maternity Seat Belt - Helps Protect Your Unborn Baby
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Maternity Seat Belt – Helps Protect Your Unborn Baby

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The Maternity Seat Belt? is a seat belt repositioning device designed to hold the lap portion of the vehicle’s seat belt low underneath the belly and over the upper thighs. The Maternity Seat Belt is the FIRST tested and patented product that provides pregnant women with the necessary means to benefit from the support and safety of the vehicle’s existing seat belt, while giving pregnant women additional comfort and peace of mind. Help Reduce the No.1 Cause of Foetal Loss Motor vehicle accidents have been cited as the Number One cause of foetal loss. The Maternity Seat Belt helps prevent injury to you and your unborn baby during a vehicle accident. Pregnant women find that instead of hugging the pelvis, the lap belt tends to ride up over the belly. This poses a danger to two lives. The Maternity Seat Belt significantly improves the position of the vehicle’s lap belt by holding it below the belly, the safest recommended position for both passengers. Unborn children need protection, too During a vehicle accident, the body torpedoes downward, causing the lap portion of the vehicle’s seat belt to bear down on the belly – the pressure could cause the foetus serious injury and even death. Pregnant women involved in vehicle accidents risk miscarriage, preterm labour and premature rupture of membranes or placental abruption. Emergency delivery of a premature baby could lead to complications for the mother and permanent injuries to the child. Approved for use in NZ by the LTSA For more imformation visit

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Maternity Seat Belt

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